Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cork and Demon's Pick of the Summer 2005

There are four or five Argentine Torrontes at our store, all very pleasant, but only two that really stand out with their refreshing structure and finesse. One's out for the season, and the other is this one, which I hereby award the coveted Cork and Demon Pick of the Summer for 2005:

2004 La Yunta Torrontes, Famatina Valley, Argentina

Torrontes is a lovely, aromatic white in general. On the low end, it is fruity and fun, full of lively, juicy tropical/citrus/floral flavors. What I just looove about La Yunta (besides the cool image of two llamas standing one in front of the other, so they look like a two-headed animal) is that these fun flavors are made to stand together by solid structure, making a truly memorable, value-priced summer wine.

The hub and I had this wine last night with a chicken breast topped with fresh tomatillo cream sauce and tequila shrimp, and nothing I can think of would have gone better. The bright grapefruit and melon flavors of La Yunta made the tomatillo jump up and shout.

This wine retails for around ten bucks, and it's beautiful. What more could you want?


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