Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ronco Del Gelso vs. My Shitty Mood

My husband is waxing geektacular over the new Ronco Del Gelso releases. Had I not thrashed my tummy over the weekend, I might be able to enjoy an entire glass, but as it is, I'm actually spitting. I'm at home, too! After work! Unbelievable.
I'm in the crappiest mood tonight, not just because of my stomach, but because I'm supposed to be writing about 'guilt' right now; a topic my therapist thinks I need to address. Apparently, I've got guilt issues with my mother I'm just not tackling properly. I have no fucking desire to mess with that. I have no desire to mess with anything. I'm in one of my little funks, and all my energy today was spent making agreeable faces while people yicky-yacked at me. Know what I mean? Too bad, too, because these wines are really pretty, and trying them now is like trying to rally for sex when you're just not into it. But I'll try.

2003 Ronco Del Gelso Tocai Fruilano
Hot nose with flowers and citrus peel. The mouthfeel is sooo silky. Soft pear under powerful lemon peel and minerals with a long mineral finish.

2003 Ronco Del Gelso Pinot Grigio Sot Lis Rivis
This PG is rested on its lees, which gives it a rich creaminess that turns into something like an herbed cream sauce. Finishes with lime peel and minerals. Excellent.

2003 Ronco Del Gelso Sauvignon Blanc
Keerist, that's stanky! My husband thinks it smells like heaven, but it doesn't work for me. Just this side of that gooseberry/catpiss thing, the nose has a green organic reek; like rotting vegetables and body odor. The mouthfeel, like the others, has an uncannily soft, dense, vaseline-like quality with subtle orange peel, petroleum and minerals. The acidity is solid and makes for a long finish. Never have been a Sauv Blanc fan, and this one isn't going to change that, but it is a very impressive wine.

As beautiful as these wines are, they have not ameliorated my shitty mood. No wine could do that right now. I need a cig and a bath. But first, I'm off to explore my guilty inner child. At least until I throw the laptop across the room.



Blogger enophiliac said...

I found your blog researching the wine for the store...I like how candid you are...definitely some good copy.

11:03 AM  
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