Monday, April 04, 2005

Soft Montepulciano for a hard, hard world

The Pope is dead, the House majority leader is a shit-grinned, slimy bag of snot, and Bermese women are breastfeeding tiger cubs. It's a krazy time. Nothing makes any goddamn sense, and I have the distinct sense of being taken for an idiot by the media. No wonder my acid reflux is acting up. Jesus, it gets going and I'm eating mashed potatoes for two days. My mama might have said, "Well, then, shut off the news," but it doesn't matter whether I read/watch it or not. You can just feel that something really fucked up is happening to us. Fortunately, that is not what this blog is about, so here's my final word:
what the world needs now is a raging ball-busting, then a resonating bitch slap, followed by a glass of nice, soft, rich Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, just to let it know that, despite it's incessant acting out, it is loved.

My boss promised me a bottle of wine if I sold seventy bottles of stacked wine. Not a bad one; a white from Sicily, and I parked my ass in front of a case of it and sampled it out. I sold 74, and chose this bottle for my prize:

La Valentina 2002 Montepulciano D'Abruzzo

I refuse to be influenced by the ratings bestowed by the Big Two Mega-Validators, but a Robert Parker '90'...especially in a MD'A (since it's not a big, phat fruit bomb), is worth plunking down the cash and trying it out. But oh yeah! I didn't have to! All the more lovely.

The hub and I were concerned that it would be too 'new world style', (i.e. big phat fruit bomb) but no, no it's not at all. Oh, man, it's got the perfect structure: baby's ass smooth, rich dried cherry and cocoa, followed neatly by a savory note, then bright, firm tannins. Good earthy, stony stuff. In the words of Beck: Hell Yes. Please Enjoy.



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