Monday, January 16, 2006

2003 Fontanfredda 'Eremo' Langhe

Okay, so before I taste this wine, I have to ask: have you ever had potluck anxiety before? See, today was a busy-ass day, and I didn't get the message until today that a potluck was happening tonight. Not being in the mood to show off my cooking skills, I...should I even admit this?

...I made tabouli. From a box.

Now, before you go all phreeky on me, I do want to say that I spent ample time chopping the vegetables and fresh (-ish) garlic, and used only the finest e.v.o.o. that 6.99 can buy. It's not that I don't care, it's just that, well...sometimes, like a painter or writer, the muse just isn't there, nor is the time. But of course, now, I'm feeling the anxiety of the possible reactions to said tabouli.

There'll be people there I don't know. Will they judge me by my tabouli ineptitude? Will the host roll his eyes, even though I lovingly garnished the bowl with slender lemon wedges? Or, gads, even worse: will I be the fourth slacker who brought boxed tabouli???

Jeez, I need a drink now:

2003 Fontanafredda 'Eremo' Langhe (70% Barbera, 30% Nebbiolo)

I couldn't think of a damn thing to write about, so I went to the store and picked up this bottle. I'm a fan of all things Piedmont, so wot the hell, I forked over the fifteen bucks, thinking that I could have a glass today, and since it's barbera and nebby, it'll probably taste real good tomorrow, too.

I'd like to let it sit longer, 'cause it seems a bit tight now and could probably use more than the twenty minutes I've let it sit. But a girl just don't have that kinda time. It smells like young nebby--deep cooked black fruits, licorice and chocolate. The palate, however, is the bright, tart red fruit of barbera, with plenty of lemony fresh acidity on the mid palate. Those nebby tannins kick in at the end, and how. Nice stuff. I wish I had a hunk of lamb to go with it, though: as with most Piedmontese wines, this guy's not so much a sipper as an escort to tasty meat.

Oh, and just so you know--this is definitely not a tabouli wine. Gives me heartburn just thinking about that.



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