Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cheesy Thanksgiving rant

Above is a rather fuzzy photo of a piece of cheese I bought on my first visit ever to a Dean and Deluca store, in St. Helena, CA. I took the picture for two reasons. First, because it says 'made by monks raw milk', which is hilarious, and the other to remind myself of the price I paid for it.

I purchased it after the woman at the counter singled it out as one of her favorites and extolled the wonders of its flavor. It was delicious. I nibbled on it for two days. On the morning I was to leave for the second leg of my trip, there was a bit left, but I wasn't in the mood for it anymore, having been seduced by some fresh fruit and yogurt, so I tossed it in the trash.

I stay diligent about not wasting food, particularly food that costs a lot, but really, any food. But there are still many times when I choose to ditch the leftovers in favor of something that sounds better. Sound familiar? Sure. We all do it. You look at that cold chicken and it's "man, I'm so over that. Let's have pizza delivered!" And, for sure, there's going to be some T-Day leftovers that we look at and groan for mercy. "How many days must I endure microwaved stuffing!" we'll say, and head for the neighborhood Chinese joint.

This next paragraph will not conclude that we are all a bunch of wasteful fuckers who don't give a shit about people starving, but instead, it will gently remind you that, as maggie over at the wine offensive said: we live like kings (Actually, her word was queens, which is way funnier) and we oughta keep that in mind.

If you can afford to toss leftovers, then you can afford to donate money. Maggie threw down a challenge: however much money you spend on your wine or spirits this Thanksgiving, match that amount as a donation. I second the motion, and furthermore throw down another challenge: commit to spend two shifts of volunteer work at your local food bank before the end of the year. Nothing will make you appreciate food like wiping off cans and packing them for distribution, or serving meals to people who don't have the luxury of wasting food.

Okay, I'm done. Live it up, drink fabulous wine, eat fabulous food, and always be grateful that you can.

Donate to Second Harvest



Anonymous berly said...

here, here! Since giving blood on xmas-eve may no longer be an option for my blood sugar, I vow to find a soup kitchen to give some of my time to over the holidays.

I feel it's the least I can do if monks are making basque sheep.

7:27 AM  
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