Monday, February 13, 2006

2003 'Tres Ojos' Old Vine Garnacha are a naughty little Spanish wine, aren't you?

Two freaking weeks to go before the Cork and Demon leaves to explore the wild West! Aren't you excited?!? Don't forget to check in while I'm on the road. I'll be posting at every opportunity, and at least twice a week, with interviews, tasting notes, smartass quips, and pictures of adorable vineyard dogs. Hey man, just remember: this great big western wine tour isn't really for me. It's for you. You, who have a sick obsession with knowing more about wine and the people who make it. And also for you, who are currently gestating such a wine bug, and want to hear from someone who wants to bring it por la gente, for the people, not just por los geekos. This, all the preparation, toil, sweat, fears and mileage on my car: it's all for you, baby.

Okay, I'm totally lying. It's really for me. But it's for you, too.

Oh, and you see the little guy perched on the candle holder in back? That's my daruma doll. See, when you're starting a new venture, you get yourself a daruma, color in one eye, and tell the daruma what you're hoping to achieve. Then when you've achieved the goal, you color in the other eye and he becomes a little keepsake that reminds you that you've got what it takes to do what you say you're gonna do. His second eye will be filled in when I return from my wine tour. Or, maybe after the book is published....hmmmm.....

Now, this little wine I got pictured here. Oh, she's a hussy. I love these cheap Spanish wines I've been tasting recently. These garnachas and monastrells and blends under $10 are definitely made to appeal to the New World palate, but there's always something...untamed about them. A wild side that makes them way more appealing to me that they're similarly priced bretheren from the States.
This one is all fat and juicy with that classic garnacha ripe strawberry/cherry fruit, lip-smacking and shameless, spiced up by a devilish touch of pepper. It's that little pepper, the juicy tang and the tannins, which wrap up the palate very nicely, that set this wine apart from US cheapies. I'm gonna say, if you're in the mood for big juicy fruit without having to compromise personality, and you got $8.99 to blow, go for it.



Anonymous wineguy said...

And we thank you for doing it -- you know we all needed this road trip!

8:05 AM  
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